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Maxtris Pink Almond Confetti

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Unmistakable flavor , these sweets are manufactured with the best quality of Spanish almonds wrapped in a fine layer of sugar . The almonds are a symbol of prosperity, happiness and abundance. They are then given meaning with auspicious and good luck. In the Italian tradition also the number of donated confetti has a meaning: for marriage the confetti must be an odd number, signifying the inseparability of the bond, and preferably 5, as the virtues necessary for a good marriage (health , happiness, fertility, longevity, wealth). White confetti are used for Weddings, Communions and Confirmations, Blue and Pink for Baptism, Green for Engagement, Red for Confirmation and Graduation, Silver for 25th Wedding Anniversary and Gold for 50th Wedding Anniversary. Box of 1 kilo or 2.2 pounds.
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