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Myitalianfavors - Italian Bomboniere Favors

Authentic, Exquisite and Unique Italian Bomboniere Favors, Bomboniera for Weddings, Christenings or Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, Anniversaries, Graduations etc... , Italian Silver Argento 800/925, crystal Favors, Italian Capodimonte Porcelain Favors.
The bombonieraalso known as "favors"or "keepsakes" are gifts given out on special occasions to the guests in appreciation of their attendance to your event and represents an essential part of your celebration , a day that will never be forgotten and always remain in the memories of your friends and family. At My italian Favors we are here to help you choose the right favor for you and if you do not see the favor you looking for please let us know, send us an email at info@myitalianfavors.com or call us at 1-(866)-236-1695.

In Italy, about the 15th century started the tradition of the Bomboniera (favor). A small object to help remember special occasions. The bomboniera(favor) was given out at weddings to family and friends, at the time little precious chests or a ceramic plate with a feminine image filled with confetti where used. In the old tradition these five almonds represent a special meaning, wishing you Children, Happiness, Health, Longevity and Wealth. In England , about the 16th century they started to use a bomboniera of there own which was called Sweet Box. The sweet box was different but had the same meaning, it was small confetti box holder that was in silver or even gold with precious rocks and crystals. They where also for good luck and the women would save them well kept. So as you can see the bomboniera was being used in other countries with different materials but all had the same meaning of good luck. The bomboniera became the the souvenir of weddings! Today the bomboniera has change by using different materials, colors and is being used for all special events as baby showers, baptism, communions, christenings, graduations, anniversaries, wedding showers, engagement parties and of course weddings. It’s a symbolic gift to remember unforgettable moment. Normally, the Bomboniera (favor) is giving as gift along with the confetti, and the confetti color is different for each occasion. Blue and Pink for Christening, Red for Graduation, Green for Engagement, White for Wedding, Communion and Confirmation, Silver for 25TH Anniversary and Gold for 50th Anniversary. The Bomboniera is a favor to remember every unforgettable moment!!!!!

Myitalianfavors 1-(866)-236-1695 info@myitalianfavors.com

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